SophistiKated Cuties

Discovering creativity in ordinary things…

Itsy Bitsy Matching

Use this spider manipulative to practice a multitude of matching skills.  I had my youngest cutie use Itsy Bitsy to practice number recognition/counting by matching all eight of her legs to the corresponding numbers on her body.


Would also be good for matching uppercase letters with lowercase, colors, etc…


We’re always looking for new after-school snacks. The cuties and I loved…so simple.


These spooky snacks are only two ingredients: pretzels and string cheese. Just cut the cheese stick into thirds. Stick a small pretzel into the end. Begin pulling the ends of the cheese (about half way). Enjoy!

Mummy Quesadillas

How stinkin’ fun (and easy) are these mummy quesadillas?!


Fill with all your favorites.

These are chicken/cheese/bean topped with olive slices for the eyes.

Friendly Bats

These spooky bats are easy peasy!

Materials Needed: construction paper, glue stick, scissors, string/yarn, squiggly eyes, chalk


Cut a bat from black construction paper. Have your cuties rip various scrap pieces of paper and glue to the bat. Add squiggly eyes and a mouth (we used chalk). Then, punch a hole near the bottom of the bat to attach the string. Hang these adorable bats around your home or school to decorate for Halloween.

Heart Caterpillars 💜

How stinkin’ cute (and easy) are these heart caterpillars?


Have your cuties cut out hearts in the color of their choice. Paste them on to the card.  Then draw on legs, antennas, and a face.  (We used squiggly eyes.) Love!  Great for any occasion, including Sweetest Day and Valentine’s Day.

Bananas on a Stick!

Boo! These ghastly treats are delish and super easy to make.

1.) Put half of a banana on a stick.


2.) Dip a banana in yogurt. (If using Greek yogurt, which is a bit thicker, add some milk.)

3.) Have your cuties poke in some chocolate chips for the face. Adding sprinkles is always fun too for a pop of color.


Mess-Free Painting

We LOVE painting at our house, but sometimes it’s so messy! Try this for a cleaner option or just something different. 🎨


Place a sheet of cardstock with several blobs of paint into a resealable plastic bag. Use painter’s/masking tape to hold project into place.  After creating a masterpiece, pull the cardstock out to dry. So fun!

For sensory play, try this activity without the cardstock.  Your cuties will enjoy!

Cuke Cupcakes

These are the best non-sweet treats ever!

cuke cupcakes


(Feel free to substitute with your favorites.)

Fingerpaint Handprints

We recently made these two cards for baby showers, but I think they’d be fun for lots of occasions (Mother/Father’s Day, birthdays, thank yous, etc.)


Simply layer colorful handprints. Attach a ribbon for a little pop. We added a light shimmer paint over the top to help protect the handprints and make them look more fancy 🙂

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