So, I was at T.J.Maxx shopping the clearance section (per usual) and found a $4 tub of 36 cookie cutters.  The cashier discouraged me from purchasing them because, “they don’t look right when you bake with them.”  I’m honestly surprised I heard her, because my nanny head was already spinning with ideas (completely unrelated to baking) that I could use these for with my cuties. While I appreciate her candor, it didn’t make me even remotely hesitate to buy them. Best. Money. Ever. Spent.

My cutie was asking to play with Playdoh earlier in the week, so I took this opportunity to grant her request.  Only needed two supplies: Playdoh and these amazing cookie cutters. I really hope she likes them, because I’m obsessed!


The first thing we did was roll out the dough and play in it.  My little monster chose all of her favorites and made me all the K “cookies” I could stand.


Then, we made words.  Mostly words she can recognize, like her name, etc. I picked a few of my favorite words as well and had her point to the letters.


Her sister is starting basic math.  She will completely love these too!  Who wouldn’t want to practice math like this??


Bottom line, whatever your cuties’ ability, they will love this!  Try it out with patterns, letter/number recognition, spelling, math, motor skills, and FUN!